Natalia Petrik

Counsel, Westerberg & Partners, Stockholm

Natalia is a counsel at Westerberg & Partners, a distinguished Swedish law firm renowned for its international client base. Natalia specializes on commercial and investment arbitration and has experience of representing clients in complex international arbitrations, predominantly related to the energy sector.


Before joining Westerberg & Partners, Natalia served as the Deputy Secretary General at the SCC Arbitration Institute. Being part of the SCC leadership, Natalia provided expertise and represented the SCC Arbitration Institute in UNCITRAL Working Group III (ISDS reform) and Working Group II (technology-related dispute resolution and adjudication). Natalia also engaged with Swedish and EU regulators to address gaps within EU sanction programs, while concurrently developing and ensuring the effective implementation of compliance and sanctions-related procedures.

Natalia is a frequent speaker and panelist at international conferences.

16:30 - 17:30

Monday 20 May

Fourth Session - Hot Topics in Arbitration

Stavros Pavlou (moderator)

Egishe Dzhazoyan

Andreas Koualis

Haris Meidanis

Tatiana Minaeva

Natalia Petrik