Adam Peters

Senior Legal Counsel, ADGM Courts

Since 2018, Adam Peters has held the role of Senior Legal Counsel for ADGM Courts. Prior to joining ADGM Courts, Adam spent 15 years in private practice where he specialised in arbitration, construction and commercial disputes.  In his current role, he is actively involved in all aspects of the dispute resolution services available in ADGM, which include litigation, arbitration and mediation. He is an internationally accredited mediator and regularly conducts mediations as part of the ADGM Courts’ mediation scheme.

16:15 - 17:15 PM

Monday 22nd May

Fourth Session – MENA Specific Disputes


Polyvios Panayides, Partner, Chrysses Demetriades & Co LLC, Limassol


George Z. Georgiou, Managing Partner, George Z. Georgiou & Associates LLC, Nicosia

Kyriakos Karatsis, Partner, N. Pirilides & Associates LLC, Limassol

Remy Gerbay, Partner,  Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP, Washington D.C.

Fred Kuchlin, Senior Associate, RPC, London

Adam Peters, Senior Legal Counsel, ADGM Courts